“Das was dich erkennen lässt, ist das was dich nährt,
 das was dich nährt, ist die Essenz deiner Präsenz.” –

Satsang Holistic Life home Nahizji


Being in truth (sat) in community (sangha) gives interested and seeking people the opportunity to look more deeply into their hearts …
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Holistic Life Home

Events with Nahizji

Satsang, seminars, retreats …
Online or on site.
Here you can find the upcoming events with Nahizji at a glance

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Retreats Holistic Life hOme

Seminars and Retreats

Einzel und Paarberatung Holistic Life Home

One-on-one and Couple Counseling

In One-on-one and couple counseling with Nahizji you can immerse yourself in a loving space of awareness, in which she will answer all questions…
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