Conscious candlelight dining

Enjoy a bio-vegan 5-course menu, in a heart-opening field, in a loving and joyful atmosphere, which is carefully prepared for YOU.

Discover the culinary, vegan variety in our yoga café accompanied by the gentle sounds of music.

We are happy to relocate the location for your menu in one of our cozy lounges in the outdoor area.
We cook with only fresh, organic and, if possible, regional and seasonal ingredients.

In July we will prepare the following menu for you:

Summer menu with culinary expressions of nature

with elderflower syrup
and lemon balm
Love soup
with fresh parsley and a light filler
Mango carpaccio
on tender spinach leaves, with caramelized walnuts
and licorice sweet umbels
Fresh salad
with strawberries and fruity elderflower dressing,
with homemade baguette with herb butter
Swiss chard
with creamy almond sauce, on nutty buckwheat,
with glazed carrots and crispy lupine tempeh
Velvety, light coconut cream
of rhubarb with a woodruff note
Water, tea, infused water, coffee, cappuccino

We are happy to adapt to your wishes, the menu can also be prepared gluten-free.

Value:  75 €

The meal takes place under the Corona rules that exist at the time.

From August you can look forward to oriental street food …

– get inspired –



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